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'He was one day accused by one of his sisters of having eaten a basketful of grapes, figs, and citrons, which had come from the garden of his uncle the Canon. None but those who were acquainted with the Bonaparte family can form any idea of the enormity of this offense.'

'The floor shrieked while I was watching the man who was making attempts to leave the room and the way it looked to me, the conversation in general. The man passed me closely when he finally was able to leave the room, shortly after I made my leave.' 

2015/16: A monument for an almost country

“Did I ever tell you about that day I went up the hill? They used to call it a mountain even though it’s really just a hill. It was once part of state that was created out of jealousy of two countries - they wouldn’t grant each other this tiny piece of land. Economics were then already the drive off our society. Three thousand seven hundred and eighty one people used to live in this utopian state that was marked by only sixty border stones."


                         Near Napoleonschanze Hohnstein, Germany (2016)