vera mennens



The three stages (2017- ) (4x5 inch photograph, scan) 'Giovanni Domenico cassini was the first astronomer in history to notice the division of the rings of Saturn in 1675. Today I read an article about the suicide mission of the spacecraft Cassini, which was sent into space in 1997 when I was 6. The craft flew through the clouds for years, sending photographs to earth and storing data of the rings of saturn (an amount of data which today would fit on one single flash drive) and will continue to do so untill its ending by crashing down on the planet.' (excerpt of the narrative)




The events between the events (2016-2017) is a research project in the format of a personal journey through various layers and voices of history. Each part is intertwined or a result of a previous part, and like the present, it is a construction of events that are preserved in our past. History is always there but certain specific subjects come forward due to circumstances. Reading something, an encounter during a walk, a photograph, a memory, or a change of perspective during a talk, like that evening when people were dancing on the square in Weimar. I was leaning against the Goethe house dozing off from the long drive. Due to nightfall, the dancers became like ghosts, slowly moving as if they were important pieces on the checkerboard of history.